Kaizen Land - Gamifying Stand Up and Overcoming Anti Patterns

Learn how the gingerbread men are taking over the daily Stand Up and forever changing the mornings of teams everywhere.

Have your Daily Stand-Ups become stale? We’ll talk through the evolution of an idea that ended up demolishing monotony, obliterating anti-patterns and spawning smiles… and to think, it all started when my daughter and I were playing Candy Land!

We’ll talk through the implementation of a game board during one team’s stand up through the infectious adoption and evolution of its existence. You’ll hear how teams tackled some of their greatest impediments and helped build a zone of psychological safety all while having fun.

By the end of this session, you’ll be prepared to bring this back to your team and create your own success stories.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Set the Stage (5 minutes)

  • Introduction to your speaker
  • Experience with Transformations, Organizational Debt and General Dysfunction

Anti-Patterns and Positive Behaviors (10 minutes)

  • Real life parallels and why they happen
  • Identifying dirty laundry
  • Highlighting positive behavior

A Game is Born (10 minutes)

  • Extrinsic Rewards vs. Intrinsic Motivation
  • The construction of Kaizen Land
  • Assigning values to actions

The Implementation and Evolution (10 minutes)

  • Initial roll-out and reactions
  • The infectious spread
  • Distributed teammate adoption

Lessons Learned (5 minutes)

  • Outcomes and observations
  • How to bring Kaizen Land to your team
  • Q & A

Learning Outcome

-Embrace the importance of Daily Stand-Up and bring added value to the ceremony

-Understand why Anti-Patterns develop and better assess which ones are in the team's ability to control

-Promote transparency through the adoption of psychological safety

-Increase gamification and the value for such

Target Audience

Scrum Masters interested in gamifying their Daily Stand-Up, combating anti-patterns and promoting psychological safety



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