Found In Translation - Building Alliances Through Analogies

This will be a live example of how to use life events and analogies that are relatable to the fundamentals of Scrum. I will walk through my own personal backlog of living on the water and tie the trials and tribulations of such back to a Scrum Model. The details I share will be described in parallel to concepts that resemble a host of Agile themes. The intent is to have the audience consider some of their own personal experiences and how they can use those in future conversations to overcome challenges or resistance around transforming their model.

One short activity is facilitated during the presentation that engages the audience. This is intended to emphasize the importance of getting to know your audience and highlight the repercussions of relying on assumptions.

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Outline/structure of the Session

I. Setting the Stage – 10 MIN

A. Intro of Speaker

B. Outline of Objectives

C. Ice Breaker

II.Parallels of Scrum Fundamentals within my Personal Life - 15 MIN

A. My Life Backlog

B. Changing Scope, Identifying Dependencies, Scope Creep, Impediments

C.Retrospective Lessons Learned

III. General Analogies with Scrum Fundamentals - 10 MIN

A. Relative Satire

B. Techniques for Assessing your Audience

C. Common Themes

IV. Wrap Up - 5 MIN

A. Summarize

B. Q & A

Learning Outcome

-Embrace how analogies and imagery can help transform an individual’s mindset

-Value the craft of catering to your audience

-Increase collection of real life analogies that can be used in future conversations around Agile principles

-Identify common obstacles ahead of time so that we can be ready to speak to them

-Help launch Scrum-foreigners and skeptics alike, into a heightened sense of appreciation for Lean concepts and Scrum specific principles

head of time so that you can be ready to speak to them

Target Audience

Anyone driving or taking part in the adoption of Agile that has been met with resistance



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