Even government organizations must quickly and effectively sense and respond to changes in their environment. Government agencies are updating their mission statements to include organizational agility.

To help government organizations understand organizational agility and identify tangible actions that they can take, we developed the Government Organizational Agility Assessment (GOAA).

We will describe the GOAA framework and assessment, including how we apply agility principles in delivering the results. We will share several stories that illustrate how the assessment participants interpreted their results and developed their own action items. We will summarize the impact that the GOAA has helped government organizations begin to change the way they carry out their work.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • We will describe the GOAA and reasons for developing it. Even government needs to be more agile. To help government organizations become more agile, MITRE developed and used the Government Organizational Agility Assessment (GOAA) with several units within a range of agencies.
  • We will share stories of how we used it with government organizations and how they benefitted. We will share representative GOAA results, along with stories that illustrate how the GOAA helped government organizations understand the concept of organizational agility, measure their organization’s current levels of organizational agility, and develop their own action items.

Learning Outcome

  • Any organization can find ways to become more agile
  • Organizational agility can be measured and gaps can be identified
  • Organizational agility is a paradigm shift, not a checklist

Target Audience

Practitioners, Executives, Coaches, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees


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