Agile is an Inside Job - Creating Agile Cultures

Agile is only as good as the people who use it! Agile mindsets and behaviors often aren't in-built, and don't easily arrive through 'doing' Agile. How can one actively shift teams into an Agile way of thinking and so shift an organization into a more Agile Culture ?

Agile teams are only as Agile as the people inside them and most of those people have been taught to show up using old, traditional, unilateral control mindsets. Bringing in Agile often becomes nothing more than a new way to make the old decisions - we get what we got before but in a new way.

Bringing in Agile Culture Leadership Labs allows people at all level (leaders and especially non-leaders) to see their thinking and expose the hidden values and beliefs that generate behaviour. Without this double loop, new skills revert back to habit! With it, people are able to shift themselves and really live Agile!

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What we miss about behaviour (why we can't train ourselves to be different ?)
  • The two mental models and the double loop that makes change inevitable
  • Introspective moment - how agile are you really ?
  • What an Agility/ Leadership Lap could look like

Learning Outcome

  • Understand double loop learning and how agile mindsets depend on that
  • Awareness of two mental maps that describe nom-Agile, unilateral control and then Agile mental models
  • What a Leadership Lab could look like

Target Audience

Coaches and leaders

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