Funding Agility: An Introduction to the Internal VC Model

Corporations are revisiting their budgeting and funding cycles to achieve funding agility. Executives are learning from the venture capital community and placing smaller, more frequent bets internally instead of large, single bets. We'll look across the industry and talk about the challenges I experience with regards to internal venture capital funding, growth boards, innovation accounting, cross functional teams and making it all a repeatable process.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What is Funding Agility
  • How to create an internal growth board
  • What phases of funding you will need
  • What metrics to measure at each phase
  • Why cross functional teams are required
  • Making this a repeatable process

Learning Outcome

Attendees will leave the session with a basic understanding of how to setup an internal VC funding model at their corporation.

Target Audience

CEO, CFO, VP of Product, VP of Innovation


Understand basic concepts from The Startup Way by Eric Ries.

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