Holistic Agile for Truly Agile Organizations

Is it okay that only IT and software delivery teams are Agile? Does it matter if HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and other business units still do things the way they always have? The truth is, without change throughout the whole organization it cannot truly be Agile. But there is an assumption in many cases that Agile is only for software development teams or IT. We have to open our minds to the possibilities of Agile and understand it's not a prescriptive set of steps but a different way of looking at things. Holistic Agile means dealing with the whole, not parts.

Most Agile coaches are hired to help organizations become Agile by implementing practices and concepts in one or two areas--software development and IT--but for true harmony in an organization we need to apply the practices and concepts holistically. We need to acknowledge--and help our clients see--that the parts are intimately connected and should be experiencing the Agile transformation together.

Let's discuss how we can move Agile into those other areas.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Lean coffee type discussion about what we can do to help our clients/companies understand how to adopt Agile in other areas; e.g. HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Learning Outcome

Concrete ideas that attendees can take back to their clients/companies and share to jump start holistic Agile transformations.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in a wholly Agile organization


Attendees should have knowledge of basic Agile practices and concepts.

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