To Move Agile Forward Move From Mindset to Consciousness

In many organizations today, agile practice is stuck at what might be called an entry level. In many other organizations, the heart has gone out of the practice though we’re still going through the motions. In order to stay alive in an organization, agile practices need to be constantly evolving and improving. We end up moving from a new mindset to a new consciousness—where we just don’t see things the same way anymore so slipping back into old habits becomes far less likely.

Learning and mindset can actually keep us to slowly get stuck. In this talk you will learn about the difference between a mindset and consciousness and what kind of developmental challenges move us forward. They’re non-intuitive. Only committed agilists are likely to cross this threshold.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Describe what stuckness looks like in an agile adoption.
  • Describe how the growth mindset can be highly conditional.
  • Describe the notion of consciousness.
  • Use data and narrative examples to show the conflict between agile and traditional mindsets.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the basic notion of the growth or agile mindset.
  • Understand the difference between a mindset and a shift in consciousness.
  • Understand how agile fits in the evolution of human consciousness.
  • Gain some insight into what is required to shift the consciousness of an organization.

Target Audience

Individuals who have experience stalled agile adoptions.


No prerequisites. Terms and concepts will be defined in the talk.

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