Business Agility – You Want It, But You Can’t Have It

Disrupt or Die. Quicker, Faster, More Responsive. The Learning Organization. Business Agility is the holistic capability every company needs today to thrive. We all know the reasons why it’s so important, and there is no shortage of solutions being offered by thought leaders, consulting companies, technology providers, and others.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you want Business Agility – there is a cold hard fact you are going to have to face: You can’t have it.

From over 17 years of helping companies attempt transformational change under banners like “Agile” and “Lean,” we’ve seen a number of common challenges that companies unanimously face when attempting to change significantly. Your company has these same problems, and they will prevent your business from becoming agile – unless you have a strategy to overcome them.

The Art of the Possible begins with the awareness of things that limit possibility.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session is a brief overview of the common transformation killers that most companies will face when attempting to realize business agility.

It will also outline some guiding principles for successful transformation that – if followed – can help overcome these challenges. This session provides a case for the session “Business Agility Patterns – Keys to Unlocking Business Agility”

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn about the organizational misalignments and constraints that they will face in their business agility journey. The will also learn about aspects of transformational leadership that will be necessary for them to succeed.

Target Audience

C-Suite Leaders, Executive Leaders, VP of Product, VP of Innovation, VP of Digital, VP of Engineering, Managers of any level leading change efforts.


Understanding of traditional views of change management, leadership, budgeting, portfolio management, and some overall familiarity with concepts like Agile, Lean Thinking, and DevOps.

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