The Frozen Middle - Learnings from Strategy to Execution

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Bankwest is undertaking an Enterprise wide Transformation to be agile & responsive, customer obsessed and digitally empowered.

In undertaking the transformation program we initially broke many of the rules we espoused - we created the strategy in secret, designed a high level operating model with an external agency and a small number to internal employees over an extended period of time and expected leadership buy-in when we revealed our "Ta-Da" moment!

Quickly positioning the Bankwest journey, we'll laser focus into our A-Ha moment and how we quickly changed our approach - creating a leader "immersion event", the need to create psychological safety, generating ownership through co-design and how this created buy-in and accelerated pace of change.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Simple ppt to guide the following structure:

  • About BW
  • Blaze Journey
  • Our Enterprise Agility Model
  • Problem Statement (Freezing outside the box)
  • Immersion, Fire Drill, Pivot on the fly!
  • Outcomes - Pace & Buy in, Leadership Circles, Co-Design, Open Forums (Toasty inside the box)
  • Key Learnings

Learning Outcome

Walk the talk

Transparent and Trust from the start

Inclusive - leverage the experts AND the leadership (even the masses)

Pace over perfection

Target Audience

Executives, Senior Management, All Business professionals, Strategy, Enterprise Agilists

Prerequisites for Attendees


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