The story of an Adobe Executive experimenting with service agility

This is the story about Carly, Head of Business Consulting Services for Adobe APAC, and her crazy idea that instead of developing services with lots of upfront planning and powerpoint, we would co-design services with customers in small iterations.

We'll take you through the story of introducing a new approach within a successful, global, organisation. The highs, the lows, the struggle and the success.

Our proceeding workshop will have you apply the learnings as you redesign Carly's introduction of agile principles with the benefit of hindsight. You'll walk away with learnings and artefacts to apply those learnings in your own agile efforts.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

The primary presenter will be Carly Lynch, Head of Professional Services APAC at Adobe and supported by independent practitioner, Liam Brobst

We will apply simple story telling techniques including a prologue, beginning, middle, end and epilogue from two perspectives. The first perspective will be Carly Lynch (client side executive sponsoring the work) and the second perspective will be Liam Brobst (independent consultant leading the work). We will talk through our story with photos and quotes from customers and colleagues.

Learning Outcome

The behavioural and systemic attributes that can help and those that can hinder the adoption of new methods. The valuable outcomes we realised through persevering and what we wish we had done differently.

Target Audience

Executives (E/GM, GM, Head Of) who want to experiment with new agile and customer-centred approaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

A curiosity about more modern ways to develop, market and operationalise new services and products.

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