Cracking the Business Agile Enigma

The Consumer Bank in Australia is recognized as one of the few country offices in Citi globally that has developed a successful Business Agile framework with multiple non-technology use cases, some of which have now been exported.

This 3-year transformation has reinvented the way we deliver initiatives and empower our people day to day. Taking a grass roots approach we are maturing our Business Agile framework that has elevated collaboration, accountability, engagement and is consistently delivering significant business value.

By not just running Agile teams but creating an 'Agile Mindset' that has driven the adaptation of tools and concepts to suit different teams and use cases. Our Business Agile framework has proven to be a sustainable model to the point where it is ingrained in the way people work across all non-tech teams.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Presentation with a few slides to talk to.

- Journey Map of the 3 year grass-roots driven transformation journey

- Our adapted definitions

- Case Studies (Models discussed: ruthless prioritisation, cross-team non-project examples, project delivery without a Steerco)

Learning Outcome

Learn that Business Agility transformation does not have to be hard

Learn from a real world example some key ingredients for success

Learn about the different ways we have used Business Agile

Target Audience

If you are interested to find out how a grass roots approach to Business Agility can transform the way staff interact and deliver with real-world examples

Prerequisites for Attendees

No Prerequisites required

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