Data and Insights, in the Equation for Successful Agility

When it comes to business agility, many organisations are good at ‘the how’ (to be agile), but what of ‘the what’ (to deliver)? How do we make sure we are ‘doing the right things’, solving real customer problems, and driving real benefits for our business? Come along to hear about how Belong has leveraged data to create a business and customer experience analytics and insight engine, which has allowed us to use data to drive decisions about what we do next.

As a digital first Telco with a focus on people and celebrating difference, we are organising ourselves to be highly automated, data-driven and customer focussed so that we can unlock and deliver the right experiences for our customers. By creating a common understanding of the metrics that drive positive change, we have been able to not only operate with agility but solve the right problems for our customers.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation will outline Belong’s journey to data-driven decision making and will cover:

  • Why we saw the need to use data to drive decisions
  • How we used data to create a customer and business experience analytics and insight engine
  • Which metrics, operating model and prioritisation framework we used to enable this across the organisation
  • What we achieved from a customer and business perspective
  • Where to next, additional opportunities and insights we’re yet to leverage

Learning Outcome

You should walk away with an understanding of:

  • The importance of data driven decision making in the equation for successful business agility
  • A model for how you can implement data insights into your organisational framework
  • How to leverage insights to achieve the best outcomes for your customers and business

Target Audience

Those looking to learn about how to use data and insights to drive decisions in an agile organisation

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of agile frameworks, principles and values

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