It seemed so obvious...but it wasn't that easy! No Silver Bullets exist!

When I first engaged with this Marketing Department I saw some key solutions that would solve some big problems almost instantly. I thought that by grabbing this "low hanging fruit" we could embark on a fast and engaging transformation and literally change the world for this team. Little did I know that what I thought of as "simple, little changes" would lead to major issues! Simple is not easy, simple is not fast and sometime people don't want it to be done. This is the story of my engagement with the department, the identification of a simple answer to a big problem, and then the uncovering of the true problems we needed to address.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction - setting the scene, everything seemed right for a quick turn around and agile transformation! Leadership buy in, team engagement, previous successes - all the good things were there!

Step 1 - seeing the instant solution to the apparent problem - Visual Planning, discovering that this "instant solution" was not as easy as we thought, and that we soon uncovered some deep and complicated issues that also needed to be addressed, how we identified these problems. Learning the difference between "apparent" problem and "true" problem.

Step 2 - how we managed and addressed the problems when identified. Working through the problem solving approach (Plan, Do, Check, Act). Embedding coaches, back to basics, applying some basic agile principles to the business domain.

Step 3 - how we measured our successes and kept on track.

Conclusion - what the final state looked like, how this supported the ongoing transformation, how the basic agility principles can be applied in any domain

Learning Outcome

The value of the basic agility principles and techniques

Examples of how to apply these principles in any domain

Target Audience

Senior Leaders, Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Agility Concepts

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