Reinvigorating Keystart Home loans: A story of leadership and radical transformation

Keystart is a unique home loan provider that has been helping people overcome the entry costs to home ownership since 1989. It is a private company with one shareholder, the Western Australian Government.

While very mission led with very engaged employees, it had been under-invested in for many years. Its brand was tired, it had rudimentary digital capability, undeveloped understanding of customer needs and significant internal silos. Following changes in leadership and a period of thorough research, a new three-year strategy was developed. In the first year of the plan alone Keystart has rebranded, overhauled its culture, launched a new website, relocated to new premises and transformed its IT and change delivery capability to leverage agile principles, tools and techniques.

This talk will outline the journey Keystart has undergone to radically transform the business in a short period of time, the lessons learnt along the way and how it has built the capability required to deliver its ambitious plan.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Brief history of Keystart Home Loans
The catalyst for change
Keystart before the transformation
● Leadership
● Culture/environment
● Way of working
The strategy for change
● Leadership
● Adopting an organisation wide operating rhythm (Executive through team level)
● Adopting Agile work practices
Embedding the change (how agility applies across all areas of our business)
Lessons learnt - real stories

Learning Outcome

By the end of the talk attendees will understand the critical linkages between leadership intent, clear strategy, people, daily activities and the use of a structured methodology to transform a business in a very short amount of time

Target Audience

C-Suite leaders, Board directors Change leaders Change and “Agile” sceptics

Prerequisites for Attendees


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