Today's Leaders need to take desision every day. Coach people is a investment in the long run. If you need result rigth away, you maybe are given the solution to your team very fast (or tell them what to do). It is not bad, but you are sacrifiying the team future doing this. You also are creating a dependency to you. How to go out from this pattern? how to grow the team doing coaching? 

This workshop is a complete experience workshop. It enables today's leaders to understand and develop the attitudes, skills and behaviours required for the day to day informal coaching of others. Participants develop their understanding of the essential attitudes and skills of effective coaching through a sequence of short tasks/games.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop


  • Introduction 10/15 min
  • Task/games in groups during the full session to build the description and bussiness values of coaching your team. ~130min
  • Debrief ~30min
  • Closing 10min

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn:

  • What means coaching
  • How to coach their employees/colleagues
  • Understand the attitudes, skills and behaviors required when coaching someone else
  • To develop the confidence to coach others
  • To consider and plan how to make best use of their learning
  • They will have the opportunity to: Coach, be coached, and observer and critique others


Target Audience

Everyone interested in improving their coaching skills



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