With growing market demand of agile programs and projects, agile is providing leading edge to clients in racing industry to put them in the driver seat as they steer the fast lanes of Big Data and Social Media including Facebook and Twitter. Imagine fast cars are racing, while live viewers are feeling the excitement as they are also engaging in the conversations through social media. There are fans who may not be at the event but are part of these conversations as they do not want to miss a beat. Engaging fans, viewers and media effectively in the fast-paced and dynamic environments are the challenges that Traditional development methods struggle to manage. To manage these challenges and develop/deploy solutions in short order we rely on Agile methods that combine innovative, consistent framework that can be tailored based on size, complexity combined with Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices. The complexities of data mining, organizing and presenting in a visually appealing fashion is a mammoth task. Not to mention, the presentation should be easily translated into actionable and meaningful intelligence using smart dashboards. Smart dashboards enable trend, tone and sentiment analyses. This social business solution is based on the Agile life cycle software development method that embraces the Agile Manifesto and core agile techniques of lean engineering and emphasis on delivering working software as quickly as possible to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).  


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) or waterfall approach did not address/solve the following challenges:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Social Business Intelligence
  • Reduction in popularity of the sporting events
  • Shrinking market segment
  • Lack of audience diversity
  • Limited connection with Fan base
  • Limited connection with Media
  • No younger generation following

However, the presentation will emphasize innovative solution using agile framework and lean priciples that addressed and solved these challenges. 

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn:

  • Understanding Big Data
  • Social Media
  • Social Business Intelligence Challenges
  • Principles of self-directing, self-organizing teams
  • Collaboration among team members, including the product owner, accommodating frequent changes
  • Frequent inspection of team performance and team process improvements
  • Extremly short iterations/sprints for rapid delivery
  • Prioritizing features for a sprint that provide the most business value and/or reduce project risk 

Target Audience

Product Owners, Leaders, Program Manager, Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Business analysts



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