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In Distributed Agile many times, people don't trust members on other shore. My topic will cover few of the aspects which has helped our teams to gain that trust of customer and give co-located results.

In Session I will speak about case study covering below points which helped our customer who is a “first time offshore” to “Trust the Stranger”!

1) Building the Trust

2) Creating Continuous Visibility

3)Rotation of resources between shores

4)XP practices

1)Code Ownership

2)Use of technology to share code/ builds

5) CI CD – tools enhance visibility

6) Test Automation to look at Tested Running Features

7) Speak about my code! - Technical presentations within teams

8) Explore Business Flows!- Business Understanding among Business Owners, Product Owners, Proxy PO, team.

9) Innovations in business areas

10) Distributed Agile – tools techniques

11) Measuring the business Value (using custom Framework)

12) Saying No!

13) Re-Enforcing agile Practices!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Session will mostly cover different aspect which has worked well for us.

Learning Outcome

What works for Distributed team! and what doesn't!

Building blocks of Trust !

Few tricks which has helped us to create the Trust!

Target Audience

Offshoring Partners, Customers



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