Agile Transformation kick start: Creating a Foundation for Success: case study in a real time

This experience report presentation will discuss an approach deployed for successfully initiating an Agile Transformation. The organization has adapted Scaled agile framework as a means to achieve business results. This presentation focus on 5 important steps. 1. Diagnostics - Purpose of transformation and understanding the business challenges at all levels of the organization. 2. Solution Design - High level solution design and leadership commitment, 3. Preparation of agile release train launch in agile way – Preparation via executing one week sprints 4. Training and Coaching teams – training and coaching the teams on agile principles, practices, frameworks, role specific coaching. 5. Define and measure effectiveness


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Leadership commitment/Involvement
  • Diagnostics : Purpose of transformation and understanding the business challenges at all levels of the organization
  • Solutions direction: High level solution design and leadership commitment.
  • Key role mapping : Identify key role and mapping
  • Transformation Planning: Transformation program planning and executing in sprints
  • Establishing role description and Role Mapping: Role identification and mapping with respect to all key program and team roles
  • Team configuration: Team configuration based on nature of work and value proposition
  • Role specific/team training: Training such as Agile, SCRUM, leading SAFe, SAFe PM/PO and SAFe for teams training
  • Role specific/team coaching: Role specific coaching for all team and program level roles such as PM, PO, RTE, SCRUM master, lean agile leaders and leadership
  • Establishing way of working : Considering the nature of work, organization culture, developing way of working based on agile principle and practices and training
  • Kick start

Learning Outcome

  • How to kick start agile transformation in agile way
  • How to create a stronger foundation for successful agile transformation.
  • The key factors to consider
  • Exposure to Real time examples and case studies

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Management folks, Agile Coaches, SCRUM masters, Agile Practitioners

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Public Feedback

    • Noopur Pathak

      Noopur Pathak - Making Digital Marketing Agile

      Noopur Pathak
      Noopur Pathak
      schedule 4 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      My experiments with Agile Digital Marketing led me to tap into my own creativity and innovation.

      Being a marketeer, I never had the luxury to depend on a single technique for a longer period of time. With the change in technology, product attributes and customer expectations, everything changes everyday. Since Agile talks about adapting to the changing environment, I chose to club Agile and Digital Marketing practices to survive and grow in the shifting ecosystem.

      The journey began with breaking down Google Adwords marketing campaigns into smaller iterations than doing it at once. The results have been overwhelming both financially and emotionally. 15-20% of the budget allocated could be saved. 

      In this session, I share my journey 'Monomyth' to move from known to unknown and reach back home with newfound wisdom 

    • AnkitTandon

      AnkitTandon - DIY Scaling Agile Framework

      Scrum Master
      schedule 4 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      Is the scaling framework your organization is on helping you to Be Agile or pretend to be Agile? How about drafting one that stays true to Agile principles and helps with what your organization needs most while scaling?

      While there are many frameworks available to scale Agile it is important to discern if these prescriptions address the real problems that an organization encounters while scaling up.  Does one size fits all? Is it worth adopting a framework and then retrofitting the organization into it or it is a better proposition to understand the dynamics of the organization, the existing challenges and business objectives first and then carve out a scaling approach, keeping Agile principles intact, that suits the organization's needs best.

      This interactive workshop is about discovering the best approach to create your own scaling framework, one that is custom made to respond to your organization’s needs.