Many companies are shifting to Agile. But, most continue to use their existing performance evaluation methods! Why? This creates a “chasm”. Industry is moving towards the new age technologies and methods to produce better software, more complex elements, but we have not as yet moved ourselves with respect to evaluating the performance of an Individual and a team.

The word agility is on the lips and tips of most business executives throughout the world as they try to increase their employees’ and organizations’ ability to anticipate change and respond efficiently and effectively.

The benefit of one team, one vision, common mission gets diluted due to the aspect that aspects of HR related processes not being aligned to the Agile approach

The Interesting part of the story is that Agile and its manifesto have heavily focused on the harder part of the system, leaving the softer issues on the back burner or should I say to the traditional approaches. On one hand using the values and principles we are trying to move away from the traditional approaches of development and on the other hand we still continue to embrace and adopt the old system. This carries the risk of creating a unknown Chasm in the system

It is human nature for people to modify their behaviors to match the evaluation system.

  • A very important part of any agile rollout is to align the performance evaluation system (and other HR practices) with what Agile emphasizes.
  • Not doing so causes dysfunction that will erode the team’s effectiveness.

The performance appraisal isn’t always the most popular subject, but the evidence has been in for quite some time that it is more harmful than beneficial. There’s room for more research and thinking, but not for improving the performance appraisal (This part of the abstract is not clear). Instead the most important research is in engaging with your system and using continuous improvement and inspect and adapt to improve both the relationships in the workplace as well as the systems for getting work done. There are solutions available for how to set pay without performance appraisals. If you’re willing to be a transformational leader – will you bring these ideas to your workplace?

The purpose of this talk / session is to bring out the finer points of performance appraisals of individuals in Agile setup, How it can be achieved, What can be done?


Will help the participants:

  • Understanding the issues with the performance appraisal process
  • How to conduct and performance appraisals for Individuals in Agile


Would cover the following main areas:

  • Issues with the traditional approach to performance management
  • Role of Scrum Master in Performance management
  • How to deal with Performance management


Would be useful for:

  • Mgmt
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Development Team Members
  • HR
  • Talent Management team



Outline/Structure of the Talk



Discussing Implementation approach

Case Study

Learning Outcome

Ability to understand the difference and the need for a innovative approach in Performance Appraisals of Agile Teams

Target Audience

• Sr. Mgmt • Scrum Masters • Product Owners • Development Team Members • HR • Talent Management team

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