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In the world of Software Development, the recent focus is more on "Deliveries" using said timeline, said cost and said resources and we have just ignored the parallel part of True Software Development i.e. RIGHT PRODUCT DISCOVERY.

Have you thought of below, before developing any product ? 

  • Why are we building software ?
  • Who will use my application / software  ?
  • How should the users behavior change ? 
  • What can we do, as an organization or team, to support the required impacts ?

Join me for the Product Discovery Workshop for 45 min Deep dive session to experience the Real time use of IMPACT MAPPING Techniques for RIGHT product Discovery.  


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

It will be a 45 minutes workshop with the following agenda, Workshop on Product Discovery using Impact Maps

  1. Team formation 
  2. Identify Problem Statement
  3. Impact Mapping  
  4. Getting Outcome

Learning Outcome

  1. Benefits of Impact mapping
  2. Understanding the Source of User requirements
  3. Getting End user Perspective for better Creativity and solutions

Target Audience



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