This session will be a sharing from real time case study. Extraction from one of my popular linked in blog. As an agile coach how can we ensure success comes to us? Today's world business dynamics changes every now and then. Organization wants wonders to be done by the agile coaches. Every legacy large enterprise wants agile coach to clean up the whole system in shortest period of time! 

Most of the time if coaches are not a calculating risk taker they get into trouble though we call all these events as a learning but we can ourselves design for failure if we do not assess ourselves properly.

I will be speaking about several blind spots and my resolution to these issues. Which has worked for me.

I have attached all my linked in posts related to these theme.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. a) Organizational Problem area - When organization is set for coach to fail - My own story 
  2. b) Why I had got killed and what are the major fault lines?
  3. c) What are the medications?
  4. d) How enterprise agile coaches can fortified themselves for such circumstances?


Learning Outcome

a) Understanding agile fitment in organization perspective

b) How agile coach will get killed

c) How to evade the deception



Target Audience

Enterprise agile coach, Change agents,

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