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Irrespective of which version of SAFe or agile methodology an organization chose to implement, identifying value stream is still an essential element for any agile adoption journey. 

This session will help participant understand what is value stream, what benefits its brings to organization, various methods to identify value streams and provide real time examples and case studies..


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Brief Overview of Scaling agile and SAFe - 05 Mins
  2. Understanding Value Stream and why it is needed - 05 Minutes
  3. Examples of Value Streams - 05 Minutes
  4. Recommended ways to define Value Streams - 10 Minutes
  5. Sample Case Studies - 05 Minutes
  6. Activity Workshop  - Participants to come up with Value Streams based on worksheet example given to them - 10 Mins
  7. Closing Notes - 05 Mins

Learning Outcome

  1. Understanding Value Stream concept and its importance in scaling agile journey
  2. Structured approach to Identify Value Stream
  3. Takeout Sample Value Streams in different domains



Target Audience

Leaders and decision makers, Portfolio and Engagement managers, Change agents


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