The deadline for submissions for AgileGames 2015 is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on 2/28/2015.

AgileGames is an annual conference hosted in Cambridge, MA (USA) by Agile New England focusing on the use of games and experiential activities for improved collaboration and learning amongst teams & workgroups. As the name AgileGames suggests, many topics and discussions are related to use the games within software development activities including applications for: training and learning on software development teams, formation of effective self managing teams, improving technical practices and craftsmanship, solving complex problems, product development, and improving customer / stakeholder engagement in software development activities.

Conference sessions include presentations on use and adoption of games within software development and other contexts, workshops on how to develop and test games, and GameJams to play new and existing games and then collaborate on ways to improve them.

We are seeking proposals for conference presentations related to the use of games within software development activities - we can accommodate several presentation options within our program:

  • GameJam - 60 minutes - a presentation or playing of a game followed by debrief on the outcome of the game and perhaps a brainstorm on how to improve the game
  • Workshop - 90 minutes - a more in-depth presentation on a topic related to games - examples could include: reviewing & discussing the design of game rather than just playing and/or leading an experience to help attendees learn how to design and test games
  • Double Workshop - 180 minutes w/break - an extended session for in-depth discussions or game design and building

Selected workshops and double-workshops for inclusion in the AgileGames 2015 program will receive complimentary conference registration and support for transportation to/from Boston & lodging. Selected games to share as part of the GameJam will receive complimentary conference registration.

When submitting, please specify which session format/length is needed to share your idea at the AgileGames 2015 conference (60/90/180 minutes) - well stated learning outcomes and a timeline of your proposed session will also help the AgileGames 2015 programming group in the evaluation of your idea for inclusion in the conference program.

The deadline for submissions for AgileGames 2015 is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on 2/28/2015.