The clash between Agile principles and traditional management presents an opportunity to close the gap. Otherwise Agile can not be used to scale innovation. In this interactive game, you'll survey your colleagues, formulate transformational questions designed to unlock fixed thinking, test them on your friends, then debrief. You'll walk away with insights into brain science and how to use it to turn tension into constructive action. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Using an interactive approach you'll identify the tensions - specific collisions found in management and Agile conversations.
  2. You'll also identify the risks of doing nothing. 
  3. You'll learn a series of tips for working with perceived threats (anything unfamiliar).
  4. You'll generate, using an interactive format and a few constraints, transformational questions designed to diffuse fixed thinking. 
  5. Debrief will cover application to collaborative conversations across the organization. 

You'll learn the game frame used to run the session. 

Learning Outcome

Know how to use tension identify the risk of sticking to business as usual.

Understand how to apply brain science to diffuse perception of threat while building trust.

Discern the difference between a discovery question (learn more) and a transformational question (change thinking).

Gain insights into how to apply your experience to a work situation. 

Target Audience

Agile coaches, managers.


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