Experience the Scaled Agile Framework thru the SAFe City Game

In this workshop we will experience key aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe(tm)) like Cost-of-delay based WSJF feature prioritization and the Program Increment planning across an Agile Release Train comprised of several teams using Mark Richard's SAFe City Game. These and similar simulations are some of the highlights of any SAFe training workshop. You will experience them and then be able to go home and run them for your team/group as a learning experience. 



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Theory on Cost of Delay economic prioritization and the SAFe WSJF approach (Weighted Shortest Job First)
  2. SAFe City Module 1 - Prioritizing Epics/Features using Cost of Delay/WSJF. 
  3. SAFe City Module 2- Create a Feature Roadmap from the prioritized Epics
  4. Choose a Feature Roadmap to proceed with into Program Increment (PI) Planning 
  5. SAFe City Module 3 - Run a PI Planning Event 
  6. Debrief

Can pick and choose a shorter variant - probably either Module 1 or 3 and fit this into 90 minutes. 



Learning Outcome

  1. Understand SAFe WSJF approach to economic prioritization and its benefits.
  2. Understand SAFe PI Planning approach and its benefits.
  3. Understand SAFe Feature Roadmap thru priorities and capacity allocation.
  4. Be on your way to running the SAFe City game on your own. 


Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Leaders, Managers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Others



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