The Agile Games 2017 Conference
(April 03-05, 2017 in Boston, MA, USA)

seeking conference submissions supportive of our 2017 theme:

Agile In An Imperfect World

Many people implementing or improving Agile in their company are doing so in less than ideal environments. You have to work with what the dice give you. There are factors of the people, the organization, and the environment that are harder to change than others. The focus of this conference is dealing with these impediments, whether that means working around them or working with others to change them. Games can be used to simulate the effects of changing these factors to decide which to focus on, or as a means of convincing others to focus on them. Games can be used to analyze processes, system models, and organizational structures in a way that both scales down and exposes them, removing irrelevant and uncomfortable factors. It allows you to talk in generalities instead of about specific people or details.

Our program includes different session lengths to allow presenters to decide how they wish to share and structure their content. We prefer that sessions presented at the Agile Games conference be hands-on and interactive.

Deep DIves (150 minutes - 90 Minutes, 15 Minute Break, then an additional 60 Minutes) - We offer 3 “Extended workshop” sessions that are 150 minutes in length - these sessions are intended for presenters who want to focus on the principles and techniques of game design, facilitation and debriefing in depth, and/or create an environment where participants can design and share new games and activities within a workshop setting. In Confengine, please select 180 Minutes for the format since they do not offer a 150 minute choice.

Workshops & Game Sessions (75 minutes) - The majority of our conference sessions are 75 minutes in length and are intended to allow presenters to present and then debrief a game or activity with session attendees. These sessions can also be used to present a hands-on workshop related to a principle of game design, facilitation or debriefing.

FAST Games (30 minutes) - Introduced last year, we are seeking presenters who would be willing to present a game/activity that can be facilitated and debriefed to a group in ~20 minutes or less. These games/activities are intended to give attendees ideas about how to start to introduce games into their organizations that provide value while not requiring a significant amount of time. Fast games are also supportive of research that accelerating game play promotes focus and engagement amongst participants - we would like to allow Agile Games 2017 attendees an opportunity to experience these types of FAST games.

Submission Timeline:

Friday, January 27, 2017 - Deadline to submit a presentation or game for Agile Games 2017
Friday, February 3, 2017 - Selected presenters notified of acceptance
Friday, February 10, 2017 - Deadline for selected presenters to accept an invitation to present

Conference Information for Presenters:

  • The Agile Games 2017 conference will be held at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD) located on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA - all presentation rooms feature wifi, audio/video presentation equipment and the furniture (tables and chairs) can be arranged as needed to allow for games to be presented. The conference organizers provide basic facilitation supplies for sessions (Post-Its, Markers, Easel pads, etc) and will run off copies of worksheets / handouts provided in advance of the conference. Special facilitation and/or game supplies need to be supplied by the presenters of sessions selected for the program.
  • Sessions selected will be most likely scheduled in a time-slot during the first two days of the Agile Games 2017 conference (April 03 or April 04, 2017) with exception of a closing keynote.on
  • The conference will include an open space in 2 separate sessions on April 04 and April 05, 2017 instead of a single full day.
  • Presenters selected for Agile Games 2017 will receive complimentary registration to attend the full 3-day conference, including all sessions, meals, events and parties. Presenters will also receive the benefit of sharing their content with conference attendees who will provide feedback to help them improve future presentations.
  • For selected presenters from outside the Boston, MA metro area, some hotel and travel benefits may be available - specific benefits for out of town presenters will be determined at the time of acceptance based on type of session selected.