MIT is home to one of the world's oldest and largest scavenger hunts, the MIT Mystery Hunt. To honor this tradition, I propose running an Agile Scavenger Hunt - a team event where the clues, activities, and strategies related to Agile Principles.

The rules of the game are setup to encourage showing examples of Agile in action - delivery early and often, prioritize by Cost of Delay, face-to-face communications, collaboration, determine value to the customer, etc. We ran this event in Barcelona for a global team formation event - rules & clues attached. We would customize them for Cambridge/Boston.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Connection - pair and share about experience with team formation

2. Concepts - brief overview of the ways this game could be used - team formation, agile education, collaboration

3. Concrete Practice - the scavenger hunt

4. Conclusion - Prizes to the winning team, reflect on lessons learned and ways to localize for your teams.

The rules:

If it doesn’t say you can’t, you can.
Teams cannot split up
The entire team (except photographer) must be in each photo
One bonus point will be awarded for each photo with the entire team (asking someone else to take the photo)
The role of photographer should on rotation
Each team will have a cash allowance of €30 per team
Taxis  / cars are not permitted
Photoshop / digital manipulation is not permitted
It will be extremely difficult to complete all items within the time-frame. Teams should prioritise accordingly to deliver the highest possible value. Bonus points are awarded to teams arriving early.

Sample things to collect (from our Barcelona event, we will modify this to be specific to Cambridge:

Objects Points Max Points
Collect Business Cards from different small businesses. 2 points for any card, 5 points if it's made by Vistaprint 2 per card
5 if VP card
A tacky souvenir that is not Caganer (5 points awarded for the tackiest - 1 point for other teams) 1 5
A caganer 5 5
A brochure 2 each 10
A postcard 2 each 10
A real eyeball (not human) 10 10
A real foot (not human) 5 5
A Gaudi structure (0 points for Sagrada Familia, 5 points for others) 5 each 15
A Lichtenstein sculpture 5 5
A Gehry sculpture 5 5
Betwixt 2 matching fountains 5 5
Giant wooden lobster 5 5
Chubby brass cat 5 5
The main gate for the 1888 World Fair 5 5
A 22m woman and bird 5 5
Someone wearing an FCB shirt 2 2
Someone on your team wearing an FCB shirt 5 5
Your entire team wearing FCB shirts 10 10
On 2 overlapping stars 5 5
Riddles (photograph) the team in front of these thing/places)    
Italian for hire, at the very best
He chased the sun into the west
Seek him out high, looking grand and emotional
Inspiring us to sell products that are truly promotional
10 10
Googling the terms may lead you astray
A gaggle and gargoyle still live here today
10 10
A surprising arch in the wall allows you to pass
to a literary jardin con la fuente, las escalaras y mas
10 10
Cold blooded but brightly hued
I’m an animal whose appearance changes like my mood
Take a picture of me, I’m forever all smiles
Despite being made of all broken tiles.
10 10
Flamenco Flurry. Be at this address.. Between 10am and 10.30am. When you master some of the basic moves to the satisfaction of the maestro, you can leave. 5 bonus points for the best flamenco judged by maestro 50 50
Mojito Master. Be at this rooftop bar... between 11.30 and 12.00. Make a mojito to the maestro's satisfaction (and drink it) before you can leave. 5 bonus points for the best mojito judged by maestro 30 30
Dream Discovery. Ask a small business owner, what is their dream? Record the answer with business name, location and take a photo of the owner with the team. 15 each 45
Finish Line - Venue for lunch, presentation and judging    
Be ready to collate and present all of your items.    
1st Team to arrive 50 50
2nd Team to arrive 25 25
3rd Team to arrive 10 10
Arrival after 1pm -50 -50

Learning Outcome

  • A great game for team formation
  • How to build a game that illuminates agile principles

Target Audience

All attendees to the Agile Games conference

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