How can you use improv in your meetings?  In this 75 minute interactive workshop, we'll take some basic improv games and skills and expand upon them to use with teams.  The focus will be on leveraging games to shine a light on common team dynamics and enhance or break those patterns to create a healthier and happier team environment.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session will have longer form improv exercises (about 15 - 20 minutes) interspersed with object lessons and facilitated discussion about using the exercises in common team scenarios. Participants will learn the difference between winning as an individual and winning as a team, and the difference between just following the rules and making a team look amazing.

Learning Outcome

What are improv patterns and how do they compare to the patterns of team formation?

When we recognize a productive pattern of team behavior, how can we best keep that pattern going?

How can we as facilitators use improv style to break the team patterns without breaking the team?

Target Audience

Those who lead teams and who have a basic foundation in improv or play.

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  • Marah  Rosenberg

    Marah Rosenberg / Spencer Arritt - It's all about us! Use Improv to learn life lessons about teams.

    75 Mins

    Are you curious about how to use improv to improve a team you lead or participate in?   In this fast paced and interactive workshop learn a series of improv warm up exercises, and how they demonstrate team dynamics.