High-performance teams are masters of mindfulness. The individual team members have high self-awareness. They know who they are, how they feel, and what they want. They always know the right thing to do or say at the right moment. They are aware of the impact of everything they do or say to each other. Teams in this state have high group awareness—as a team they know who they are, how they feel, and what they want together. Some teams get into this state by accident, and others are intentional and get there on purpose.
To get into this state of mindfulness and high performance on purpose, Richard incorporates elements of the work of Jim and Michele McCarthy and the Core Protocols, Woody Zuill and Mob Programming, contemporary meditation teachers, and his own work with meditation and Core Protocols.
In this session, we practice ways to get into a state of group mindfulness, including Core Protocols such as emotional check-in, personal alignment, investigate, and group alignment. We also practice some short guided meditations. Attendees leave with embodied knowledge of activities to bring more mindfulness to their work teams.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop


  • Activity: reflect on your current mindfulness practice
  • Mindfulness definitions
  • Activity: meditation - focus, wander, return
  • Intentional practice and study
  • Activity: meditation - count your breaths
  • Current mindfulness & meditation practice
  • Activity: meditation - what is happening now

Mindfulness and tech teams

  • Example of a high-performing team. Mob programming. Shared vision. Focus, wandering, returning.
  • Mob programming is group mindfulness
  • Current state of research and practice on mindfulness at work
  • Where is mindfulness possible
  • How you can do it with your team

Mindfulness and your team

  • Activity: individual emotion check-in
  • Activity: group emotion check-in (pairs)
  • Love
  • Activity: conclusion - what is your next step?

Learning Outcome

You’ll leave knowing:
  • Mindfulness: what it is and why it’s important for you as an individual
  • Individual mindfulness and meditation practice: techniques for getting started
  • Group mindfulness: what it is, its relationship to mob programming in particular and agile teams in general, and techniques for getting started
  • Research supporting mindfulness and meditation at work
  • Techniques for self-awareness

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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