Giving and receiving feedback are essential skills for both Agile managers and practitioners. The Perfection Game, part of the Core Protocols, provides a painless framework for having difficult conversations. Come play the Perfection Game to practice this skill and get feedback from other players who will also use the Perfection Game.


Outline/Structure of the Fast Games

5 Minutes - Introduction, Explanation, Example of the Perfection Game

8 Minutes - Practice

4 Minutes - Feedback, using the Perfection Game

3 Minutes - Conclusion and call for action (start using it at work).

Learning Outcome

A new, simpler, easier way to give and receive feedback

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • David Grabel

    David Grabel - Use Fast Feedback to Reduce Bottlenecks

    90 Mins

    Software engineers get feedback from their development environment and automated test suites in real-time. Errors can be fixed and verified in minutes. However, when organizations extend Agile beyond technology, feedback from stakeholders takes days and the “feedback frenzies” can drag on for weeks or even months. Completing a story within a sprint seems impossible. It is time for “the business” to dramatically reduce lead time and stop getting blamed for delays.

    This workshop will teach you how to run a value stream mapping activity. This immersive group activity will expose needless delays and help find ways to to shorten cycle time to minutes, reducing overall lead time by 80% or more. It will include a way to overlay feedback loops on the value stream map, which can help you find the source of significant delays.

    You will also hear how creative teams are adapting mob programming techniques into their work in ways that build feedback into their processes in order to accelerate delivery from business teams.