Games to demonstrate thinking outside the box. Main game involves teamwork - grouping people in pairs. Each end of a string is tied to a persons wrists - and one of those strings goes through the loop created by the other persons body, arms, and string between their wrists. the game is to find a way to separate from each other without untying, breaking the strings or taking them off/on your wrists.. Requires a somewhat creative solution. A variation on connecting the dots in a box by going outside the box.


Outline/Structure of the Fast Games

- Brief Introduction

- Game: Inter-connect pairs, assign an observer to each pair and give them time to solve the puzzle (time boxed - 5 minutes)

- Retro (Coaching implications)

- Concepts from the Art of Possibility by Ben/Roz Zander

Learning Outcome

Willingness to examine blockers and try creative solutions to potentially break logjams

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites needed

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