Gamin' Metrics - How to measure without getting played

Metrics and KPIs can be difficult to craft. Setting appropriate baselines, targets, and guardbands requires both deep knowledge of the thing to be measured AND an understanding of the use and potential misuse of Metrics. In this conversation we’ll example some common pitfalls in crafting metrics and build at least one metric that our teams’ can use to drive goals forward.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Intro and overview

Lagging vs Leading indicators

Common pitfalls - vanity metrics, Goodhart's Law, & the Substitution Principle

L'et's make a metric!

Takeways and Goodbyes

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the use and misuse of Metrics
  • Craft actionable leading indicators for teams

Target Audience

Anyone interested in how we can use quantitative measure to support outcomes rather than outputs

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