Have you ever tried to expand your current facilitation exercises to 50-100+ people? It's harder than it looks. How about knowing which exercises or techniques to combine in what flow for large group facilitation? This session will talk about my go-to facilitation techniques used repeatedly for large scale facilitation. Real life facilitation examples to show examples of how to use each technique by itself or in a facilitated flow with other exercises. As a group we will then build mind-maps for each technique that show many other ways to use that one facilitation technique. You’ll be able to leave this session with 3-4 applicable techniques you can add to your toolbox. The people who attend the session will dot vote to decide which techniques to look at.
We'll look at some combination of the following techniques:
  • Tribes and Constellations
  • Rotating Flip Charts
  • Speedboat from Innovation Games
  • Collaborative agenda creation
  • ROTI: Return on Time Invested
  • Journey Lines
  • Circles and Soup (circles of influence)

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The people who come to the session will dot vote to prioritize the list of techniques to what is relevant for them.

Then for each technique, we will spend about 15 mins doing the following:

Example: Rotating Flip-Charts Exercise
  1. Slides: Overview of what Rotating Flip Charts is (including pictures of ways I’ve used it)
  2. [Exercise: 5 mins] Get up and experience how it’s facilitated, right now in this session
  3. [Exercise: 5 mins] At their tables....mind map the ways they also have used this exercise in their companies or new ways to use this going forward
  4. [Debrief 3 mins] Each table takes that flipchart to hang on the wall (one leader from each table walking it over to the wall)
  5. REPEAT: Discuss the next technique.
Visual Radiators: At the end of this session, there will be a grouping of mind-maps for each technique on the wall that attendees can take pictures of for their facilitation toolbox!

Learning Outcome

  • Walk away with at least 3-4 facilitation techniques and a ready-made list of ways to use that technique
  • Collaborate with other experienced facilitators
  • Build your facilitation toolbox by experiencing multiple techniques

Target Audience

People who will be facilitating large groups or just want to add some new facilitation techniques to their toolbox.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Not really any pre-requisites, but to set expectations......this session will not be spending a ton of time explaining how to facilitate each technique step by step. We will be moving quickly from technique to technique in order to build our overall toolbox.

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  • Billie Schuttpelz

    Billie Schuttpelz - Unleash Innovation by Unlocking Your Authentic Voice

    Billie Schuttpelz
    Billie Schuttpelz
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    180 Mins
    Deep Dive

    In Agile, a common buzz word is “innovation”. We all know we need to embrace failure as learning. What we don’t talk about are the head games that keep us from innovating. We don't talk about the internal dialogues that hold us back from taking risks. What if the key to fierce agility and innovation is embracing the concept that people are more innovative when operating in their authentic voice? If that's the case, then we should strive to create a psychologically safe space for them to uncover their authentic voice in order for innovative ideas to flow freely. So what’s holding all of that back? My theory is that Imposter Syndrome is stealing far too many of our innovative ideas. Let’s break open the conversation around Imposter Syndrome and find our authentic voices. It could be the key to unlocking your innovation.