Got a great topic to share with an awesome group of agile game enthusiasts? We are accepting session proposals for people who want to facilitate an agile game or share their Agile games ideas or experience with a group of like-minded people. Please submit your proposal today!

Important Details:

  • Session length: 75 minutes
  • Deadline for submissions: August 21, 2016 (11:59 pm PDT)
  • Session acceptance notifications sent out by: September 1, 2016
  • Criteria for a GREAT session proposal:
    • Proposal clarity - are your topic and proposal details clear & understandable?
    • Engaging title & abstract - does your proposal have a "hook" to pique the interest of conference attendees?
    • Details - does your proposal have enough detail on the timing and organization of your proposal so that the review committee can see how it will fit in the allotted time-box?
    • Previous presentation - Where has this presentation been seen previously? Where have you presented previously?
  • Topic ideas - want to submit a proposal, but still looking for a topic? Some ideas -
    • A new game that you have prototyped and would want feedback
    • A "tried and true" agile game that you have "refactored" or modified for a new application or purpose
    • An experience report on how you have used a particular game or approach & its results
    • Facilitating games for maximum results
    • The application of games outside the "usual" teaching applications
    • The extension of an existing methodology for new applications
  • Speaker compensation - while we'd love to provide airfare, hotel, and private limo service for our speakers - this year, speaker compensation will be limited to a free conference registration, some amazing press, and our undying gratitude for supporting the launch of this conference. 2016 will be the first of what is planned to become an annual event.