Spice it up! And build trust. Painlessly ways to integrate games in your everyday meetings

You will learn several quick and simple ways to integrate games into your everyday meetings. Add a 2 minute warm-up that radically changes the outcome of a retrospective. Or add a 30 sec game to stand-up. In the end the team will be more successful and communicative. Learn how to build trust. 

I love being down in the trenches with the team. I am constantly in a personal struggle to reduce my negative judgements. I find that when I work with a team is that if we appreciate each other and focus on what-is-working that the team does better than when we focus on fixing problems. So for the last few years, it has been my mission to break down the barriers of giving and receiving acknowledgement.

The key is consistency and starting off simple then progressing. For about 6 months I focused on new ways to acknowledge my teammates. We will practice how to make the instructions super simple and how create more complex games. This will be an experiential class where you both learn the new techniques and experience what the team will experience while going thru the process of building trust. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

We will go thru a progression of games which will increase in complexity. While giving several participants the chance to practice the instructions.  With the goal being to open your team to more trust building activities. 

Learning Outcome

You will know how to take a team from zero games to complex trust building exercise all by progressing slowly step by step. 

Target Audience

Facilitators who would like to integrate games in your everyday meetings. Or Scrummasters looking to build trust in a team.

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