Making the shift to being Agile in a small team can sometimes be hard enough. Attempting to shift many teams across an organisation that is very set in its ways can be even harder. Jun Ding is the IT Practice Lead at Cathay Pacific Airways and has been trying to do just that over the last few years by leading the Agile transformation there.


Jun will share her story of trying to introduce Agile to a 500 people IT group and the strategy behind it, including:

  • the success in building teams to lead by example from the bottom up
  • how technology can support an Agile adoption
  • the differences between and importance of the role of Agile coaches in building capability
  • making room for Agile on leadership team radar when they already have a million priorities to support
  • the personal shift required in leadership style

Outline/Structure of the Talk

to be worked out

Learning Outcome

learn about transforming to Agile in a big organisation

Target Audience

anyone who is interested in how can a big organisation runs Agile

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