As an Information Architect, it is common to place an extreme importance on taking a long view towards the development and maintenance of any information system. This implies an in-depth systems design, which some might not think is very agile. However, over time and working with many clients, I have come to understand how you can apply agile principles to Information Architecture. The key lies in helping people produce information quickly without worrying about its ultimate placement.

This talk will primarily focus on media organisations and how the design of websites has confused our requirement for good sound principles of information architecture. There is nothing in the field that implies a deep systems design, especially when speaking about content.

IA is the art and science of making information useable and findable. The art portion of this requires continuous experimentation and evaluation. This is the key to making your IA agile.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I will outline the principles of IA and how I teach clients to use simple content management systems like the popular WordPress to publish quickly and easily, while at the same time, adapting agile methodologies to revaluate the success of the content and ways to improve it as the system develops.

I will show some examples and provides some tips for both producing good content and helping others to produce good content.

Learning Outcome

Attendees of this talk with learn:

  • The principles of Information Architecture
  • Ways to develop a successful Content Strategy
  • How analytics can help to evaluate the content and to make future changes
  • A few tips on providing instruction on this approach, including ways to incorporate it into a scrum

Target Audience

communication managers, developers

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