Windows on Transformation: Four Pathways to Grow a more Agile Enterprise

location_city Bengaluru schedule Feb 26th 10:30 - Jan 1st 12:00 AM place Grand Ball Room

It is easy to envision a more Agile enterprise, yet we have found as a community it is quite difficult to accomplish. The transformation process goes on in many dimensions and unless we have a framework that helps us see from each of those perspectives, our efforts are much more likely to fall short. Based on Michael Spayd's upcoming book, Coaching the Agile Enterprise, this session will (literally) walk you through each of the four fundamental perspectives and the power and limitation of each. We will explore together approaches that are suitable to each perspective and how to activate them in your team, division or organization.


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Learning Outcome

  • Four pathways to grow a more Agile Enterprise

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