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Creating a Global Engineering Culture


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Creating a Global Engineering Culture

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  • Howard Deiner

    Howard Deiner - Pivoting Your Organization to Become Agile Testers

    45 Mins

    Many organizations struggle with transforming from the old style teams consisting of members with specialized silos of skills into Agile teams consisting of generalized specialists.  This results in sub-optimal Agile adoptions in Agile/Scrum environments, which is where most organizations transforming to Agile are advised to start.

    We will start with a look into the real role of QA in the organization, and where they truly add value in the production of quality code to allow the business to move forward. Piggybacking on the role of QA, we will then speak to exactly what QA needs to do to add value to the software development process, and how they integrate in the DevOps model that is a contemporary solution to an age old issue.  And, finally, we will speak to some uncomfortable truths, and draw conclusions into the skills that Agile Testers must be expected to master to allow the organization to pivot successfully into a truly Agile development group.