location_city Bengaluru schedule Feb 27th 01:30 PM - Jan 1st 12:00 AM IST place Grand Ball Room

My talk is centred on doing better for our people; creating opportunities and building communities for a better life.

I explore the actions and impact of a ground-up Agile Transition over the past 18 months, the challenges, what worked well, and how we began on a journey of connecting and growing Agile communities globally.

A key theme discussed is our primary focus of putting the people we work with first while inspiring moments to challenge, learn, and explore new ways of thinking.

  • Scaling Agile Engagement is particularly applicable to anyone working with a large organization and/or distributed teams




Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Key areas to be explored:

WHY – improving prosperity for our people and those we deliver for

WHAT - scale of transition, number of people involved, number of people engaged, locations

HOW – dispelling Agile myths, identification of systemic challenges, relentless engagement, evolution over revolution

WHERE - we are now, and where we are heading in 2014


Learning Outcome

How to scale Agile engagement within your organization - harnessing the knowledge and talents of people.


Target Audience


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