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"TaaS" is an open-source product that allows you do achieve the "correct" way of doing integration testing across a variety of products via Test Automation.

Typically in organizations, there are multiple projects / products. Many organizations like to have a common Test Automation solution across these products in an effort to standardize the framework.

However, this is not a good idea! Each product should be tested using the tools and technologies that are "right" for it. Yet - these different products talk with each other and you need to test the integration between them in an automated way.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Describe case study why Common Test Automation Framework is not a good idea
  • Describe TaaS - why it is good, how it works, its limitations
  • Demo of TaaS integration
  • How can teams use TaaS
  • Next steps for TaaS and how the community can help

Learning Outcome

* Why it is not a good idea to have a common test automation framework
* A way to automate the integration testing between different products, which use different tools and technologies as development and testing stack.
* A demo of how TaaS can be used

Target Audience

QAs, Automation Engineers



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Public Feedback

    • Sunil Mundra

      Sunil Mundra - Observing and Enabling The Agile Mindset

      45 Mins

      Agile is actually an approach and a Mindset, whereas most people misunderstand it as a set off practices. There are umpteen examples of people implementing the Agile practices and artefacts, but are failing to get the intended positive results. This is a classic problem of ‘doing Agile’ as opposed to aiming to ‘be Agile’. The key to getting the optimal benefits is having the Agile Mindset.

      Mindset is abstract and hence one needs to understand it based on what is visible in behaviours, policies etc. The talk is about not only what these visible characteristics are, but also about what can be some of the enablers to move towards achieving the Agile Mindset. It has been proven that Leadership of an organization plays a key role in enabling the right Mindset, and hence this talk is meant for Leaders.