Agile Architecture: A Contradiction in Terms? Our Journey in Discovering the Role

location_city Bengaluru schedule Mar 27th 04:15 - 05:00 PM place Grand Ballroom 2

The role of "Architect" is sometimes frowned upon in the Agile community as a central command-and-control authority who bottlenecks decisions and limits team empowerment. Or at least, that is what we thought. Follow the real-life journey of our teams as we discovered how the role of an architect is compatible with Agile principles. We will explore our failures, and eventual discovery on how the role brings can bring an immense amount of value to the organization and the teams, especially on large, multi-team projects. 


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

A 60-minute lecture format following a case study

- Setting the stage: our teams and project

- Why we did not think we needed an arcrhitect

- Why we decided to try it

- Our first attempt: what worked (and  what didn't)

- How we inspected and adapted

- How we see the role of the Agile Architect now

- Questions 

Learning Outcome

At the end of this talk, participants will have some ideas to try and different ways to frame and think about the Architect role, specifically on multi-team projects. 

Target Audience

Developers, ScrumMasters, Architects, managers



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