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An all-encompassing effort such as a full-scale agile transformation goes to the very roots of an organization and tends to shake things up quite dramatically. Indeed, it’s very much like undergoing heart surgery AND brain surgery – simultaneously.

Imagine the damage caused from a failed organization-wide change:

  • Loss of credibility
  • Loss of trust
  • Loss of face and reputation
  • Strong demotivation and loss of commitment and faith on the part of employees
  • Clinging even tighter to the old (safe!) ways of doing things
  • Diminished success of future attempts by leaving behind a wary and highly skeptical audience

After the storm passes, where things have settled often determines how and where the organization goes from that point onwards. Ensure your transformation plan succeeds and the pieces fall into place according to the set goals and plans -- and not according to someone’s whims and fancies; politics; cultural and attitude issues; or naysayers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Identify the need for an agile transformation - 5 mins
  2. Understand what it is that we're REALLY transforming - 5 mins
  3. Hidden biases - 2 mins
  4. Bias-led resistance - 2 mins
  5. Scenarios in resistance and unwillingness to change - 2 mins
  6. Ownership and belonging (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  7. Status quo and leadership  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  8. Execution, commitment, and responsibility  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  9. Communication and perceived helplessness  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  10. Rocking the boat/infrastructure issues  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  11. Denial, lack of transparency  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  12. Nobody told me to...  (with targeted strategies) - 5 mins
  13. Q&A - 10 mins

Learning Outcome

At the end of the session participants will have a solid understanding of the complex cultural and behavior-related challenges that arise out of a high-stakes undertaking such as agile transformation. Participants will be given the tools on how to resolve those challenges.

Each type of bias- and resistance-type challenge shall be targeted with specific strategies that the participants would then be able to apply practically in their organization.

Target Audience

Agile consultants; Coaches; Managers; Executives; ScrumMasters; Architects; Leads



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