location_city Bengaluru schedule Mar 26th 09:00 - 10:00 AM IST place Grand Ballroom

How organizations are learning to value learning and not just velocity!

We all hate wasting time and money.  In the pursuit of cutting out waste, we've learned to systemically fool ourselves – to convince ourselves with very little evidence that the activities we're engaged in add value.  And, further, activities that don't result in a product we can deliver are waste.  But, the biggest leap of faith I continue to see most companies make is in believing that people want their new product, feature, or idea.  They likely don't.

This talk is about the rise of learning as a valuable activity.  I'll give examples of organizations that invest in experiments that take the cooperation of developers, testers, product mangers, infrastructure, sales, and marketing.  At the end of these experiments organizations are left with no deliverable product and only the knowledge that the product they're thinking of should or shouldn't be built at all. 


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Learning Outcome

  • How to value learning
  • How to run safe-fail experiments to rapidly learn

Target Audience




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