Applying Agile Material Science for High performance teams

Human body is made of lot of materials. Mother Nature has natural science properties and wonderful logic on these materials. In this presentation, I present how we can Identify the good materialistic science properties that Humans possess, how we can leverage and encourage them to build high performance teams.

Using a natural way to groom your team members, motivate them to deliver and work together towards success. You will be surprised to know how by having a deep understanding of these properties, you can transform an ordinary individual and medicore teams into highly charged, motivated and super delivery teams.

Nature is awesome. So are humans. Come and join me in using a natural way to build high performance teams.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Introduction - 3 minutes
  • Know your material - 7 minutes
  • Inner strength properties - 10 minutes
  • Outer strength properties - 10 minutes
  • Simulation Game - 10 minutes
  • Debrief and Feedback - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

  • Build high-performance teams
  • Learn how to build trust and confidence among team members
  • As a Manager, learn how to deliver projects using motivated team members 
  • Apply the logic to transform dull team members into awesome performers

Target Audience

Agile Team Members, Project Managers

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Public Feedback

    • Sriram Rajagopalan

      Sriram Rajagopalan - TBD Approach to Agile Transformation

      45 Mins

      The principles of agile are so simple that its simplicity eludes many practitioners. Pulling in a white board with sticky notes, writing user stories instead of business requirements document, avoiding developing any document, and use of some agile popular tools does not mean that agile has been implemented. 

      In this presentation, I provide an approach to how agile transormation begins. Fundamental to agile is the self-organization and if one doesn't think (T) agile, become (B) agile by following the recommended steps, and develop (D) on practices to refine agile in the specific industry, agile will not solve the business challenges. The personality traits of those leaders that attempt to transform into agile will lead to incorrect implementation.  Often, in such cases if Agile fails, it is because we failed agile! 

      Breaking on the TBD approach, this presentation will explore additional topics that start with us, team, and the organization to truly transform into agile methodology.