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Testing is overated. Let's correct that statement - "Manual Testing is overrated". In this this talk, I plan to take you on whirlwind tour of why an Agile outfit does not need manual testing at all and how to get fantastic Quality Assurance without manual testing.

In this talk - I outline a agile process with a difference - everyone is a developer and a tester. However, there is no dedicated QA people. In fact, this process does not require anyone other than the developers and one process/product owner.

Development using a central repository like Github that is integrated with a Continuous Integration service (like Travis, CircleCI or Semaphore) and further integrated with a Code Quality checker like Code Climate or Pull Review is part of the automation trick. Then comes the development processes like pull request between branches (enabling peer code review) and Automated Deployment to a staging server.

Finally, the pixel perfection or meeting product specificaiton via Project Management tools (which are integrated with the Code repository) gives the product owner (or the client) complete confidence in not just the functionality but also the quality of the code. 

This approach can be applied to evolving products too and I discuss how to work in short sprints that always keep changing and guarantee that "The product owner gets the money's worth and the development team gets their works worth!".



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

+ I talk about Agile processes

+ Discuss the problems faced in standard processes

+ Explain how things can be different

+ Demonstrate how the change in processes impact the product

+ Show examples.

+ Questions.

Learning Outcome

This talk describe a new way to work. Its not about code or tests, it about the process -- in our case, a modified Agile process.

Target Audience




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Public Feedback

    • 45 Mins

      Good engineering practices and fail-fast, iterative, low-ceremony processes help achieve team level agility. They are necessary but not sufficient to scale agility across the IT organization. In this talk, I'll address what else is needed and why. In particular, I'll address:

      1. Why plan-driven IT projects are a bad idea why we need value-driven projects instead
      2. Why a matrix org is a bad idea for IT and why we need cross-functional teams instead
      3. Why IT budgeting needs to change from being project-based to being team-capacity based
    • 60 Mins
      Case Study

      The key objectives of Organizations is to provide / derive value from the products / services they offer. To achieve this, they need to be able to deliver their offerings in the quickest time possible, and of good quality!
      In such a fast moving environment, CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) are now a necessity and not a luxury!

      There are various practices that Organizations and Enterprises need to implement to enable CD. Testing (automation) is one of the important practices that needs to be setup correctly for CD to be successful.

      Testing in Organizations on the CD journey is tricky and requires a lot of discipline, rigor and hard work. In Enterprises, the Testing complexity and challenges increase exponentially.

      In this session, I am sharing my vision of the Test Strategy required to make successful the journey of an Enterprise on the path of implementing CD.

    • Chirag Doshi

      Chirag Doshi - 1000 Words - Illustrating Project Challenges with Visuals

      Chirag Doshi
      Chirag Doshi
      General Manager
      schedule 7 years ago
      Sold Out!
      80 Mins

      A project can face varied challenges through its life, foreseen and otherwise - runaway scope, high defect volumes, depressed velocity, and many more. Addressing many of these first requires recognition of the problem and then action from one or more sets of project stakeholders. Telling the story with simple visuals can be a very powerful way to articulate a challenge (the what), the potential root causes (the why) and the options available to fix it (the now-what). Teams typically already track a lot of data related to throughput, quality, scope and cost. Creative use of this data combined with simple, hand-crafted visuals can be much more effective than hundreds of bullet points. In this hands-on workshop, you get to exercise your visual thinking and visual communication skills. We introduce some simple visual thinking techniques like Look-See-Imagine-Show, and then let you apply them in a project simulation, so that you can practice hand-rolling simple visuals that speak volumes (no fancy tools needed!).

    • Priti Biyani
      Priti Biyani
      schedule 7 years ago
      Sold Out!
      20 Mins

      We do have test pyramid in our project to gain confidence on the code we will be delivering. We have also smoke tests, which will give us quick feedback. Still I'm saying Automate all the things!


      Well, yes! In agile world, there is a theme of ruthless automation. But in my opinion, we don’t push this principle nearly enough.


      In this talk, I will share some of my expereinces and some interesting things which we never thought we could automate. Yes, We can automate everything!

    • sailee

      sailee / Radhakrishnan - UI Automation : Safety Net to Trap Net!!

      45 Mins

      At the BEGINNING Of the project: Yay!! Lets automate and cover all test scenarios!! Lets work towards increasing the test coverage !!smile

      After 1 year: Regression suite is too bulky!! I can't maintain it anymore!! Its too flaky!! frown

      Does this conversation ring a bell? Well, this is a common scenario in projects. The UI test automation starts as a saftey net and then becomes a trap net! 

      Heavy Functional tests layer → Long execution time → Low confidence → Problem of Maintainence


      This talk will address these problems in an Agile project. Some solutions that worked in our team. How working as a Team would help prevent these problem?