Lean Startup in Practice - Lessons Learnt from an MVP

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Rovio tried 51 games before hitting upon Angry Birds. We tend to hear a lot more about the chart busting numbers of Angry Birds than the struggles of the previous 51 games. In my opinion, their success was the journey of the 52 experiments, and not just the final one.

We at Levitum recently had learnings from an MVP that we put out, and experiments that we ran. In the spirit of openly sharing how I’ve tried to apply Lean Startup principles to a new venture, I’m going to outline how we went about things, and what I’ve learnt.

More details on the experiments are available in my blog post http://arg0s.in/what-we-learnt-from-a-failed-mvp.html. My blog post made page one of HackerNews, has had over 20,000 visitors, and has been cited by various practitioners as an example of how to apply lean startup in practice.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

- What is Lean Startup (5 min)

- What was the objective of our MVP (Vision/Target Audience/Problem) (10 min)

- How did we approach constructing our experiments (10 min)

- What were the results and learnings (10 min)

- What are the key takeaways for applying lean in practise (10 min)

- Q&A (5 min)

Learning Outcome

Understand a case study of how lean startup was applied in practise

Gain insight into challenges involved


Target Audience

Lean Startup Practitioners, Product Managers

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