This talk is basically sharing my experience on how I have used the concept of Default Future to enable transformation. Default Future is a concept introduced by Dave Logan. (Reference book : Three Laws of Performance).

I learned the concept of Default Future when I did my gruaduation couse at Landmark Education. I have used this concept to enable transformation of teams.

We will start with the challenges faced in transformations. We will also look at some of the reasons for transformation failure.

Then we will introduce the concept of Default Future and how this can be applied in Agile transformations. This workshop will also pointing to how to create autonomous teams by enabling them with the right motivation.

I shall facilitate, how to apply the concept in your real life. The participant should be equipped to practice the concept after the session.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction on why we need change or transformation

Make the audience visualise the power of Default Future

Introduce the concept of Default Future

Small excercise to identify Default Future

How to use Default Future in simple life situations

How to use Default Future for the team

How to use Default Future concepts for Agile transformation

Examples / success stories


Learning Outcome

Audience will get to know how to visualize their immediate future which is almost certain. They will also learn how to utinlise that learning to transfrom individual or teams.

The bullet points are,

1. What is Default Future (Reference : , Book : Three Laws of Performance)

2. How Default Future can be used for change

3. How Default future can be used for the teams

4. Pragmatic examples

5. Ability to apply the concepts of Deafault Future in your work and personal life.

Target Audience

Anyone who has the courage to change!

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