Its a simple game which helps to learn how to estimate or calculate the business value of user stories.

The intent of this game is to provide more insight on prioritization of User stories or Epics. Even though we do backlog grooming, we see that the PO is not able to bring US prioritization in the real context to the team. We can also observe that teams are not really challenging the PO about the prioritization.

This workshop is about how to involve the team more on the prioritization excercise. The PO will come out with Business value and the team will come out with the cost estimation. There will be discussions with PO and the team to understand the, what is the priority and why? As a result the the team will know why they do, what they do. This will maximize the value of their outputs.

We have used this in our work with various teams and seen it is very effective. We will talk about the examples as well.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Brief Introduction of Business value and its importance (5 mins, just to set the context)

Form the groups

Inform the rules of game

Explain the problem

Fascilitate the game


Learning Outcome

Learn the importance of Business value of user story

Learn how to calculate/estimate the business value of user story

Target Audience

Developer, Project Manager, Tester, PO, Product Manager, BA

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