This talk will share how we are executing a 140+ man year fixed price, timebound project using Agile principle, in a distributed environment, with customer and Digite team members collaborating. 

The project is using planning principles from SCRUM and is being executed using the Kanban way. We will talk about how we went about planning this project, how we executed this project on a daily basis and how we would track and report progress to senior management.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Project Background: 5 min (2 slides)

Project Planning approach: 15min (4-5 slides)

Project Execution approach: 10min (3-4 slides)

Tracking and Monitoring approach: 5min (2-3 slides)

Learning Outcome

Learn how to use Agile/Lean principles in very large projects, in a fixed price, with timebound deliverables committed.

Target Audience

People who are seeking to adopt Agile principles in Large Fixed Price projects



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